CQU Horror


Years after graduating from CQU, Cheng You followed his hobby and became a private detective. One day, he receives an anonymous commission letter inviting him to return to his alma mater to investigate a mysterious case. And when Cheng You arrives at the once familiar place, he finds that everything that happens is beyond his imagination...


How To Play

Use arrow keys to control movement, right mouse button to aim, left mouse button to shoot, middle mouse button to switch weapons, TAB key to open backpack, mouse click to use items.

Find weapons and supplies you need, try to survive in a campus full of mysterious creatures, and find out the truth behind the scenes ......



This is my first near-complete (though only the first chapter is finished) indie game. This game was initially made as a course project for my game design course in June 2021. My team member ZJX was inspired by the board game Arkham Horror,and had the idea of making a Cthulhu-style horror game where stories happen in a campus. I spent two weeks making and submitting a demo for the game, and then continued development together with ZJX during the summer break, eventually releasing the first chapter of the game.

The game's art resources were made using Asprite, and the music and sounds were purchased from Audio Jungle. The art style was partly influenced by aarthificial's Astortion game dev logs. In addition, I would like to express special thanks to TKC and YJ for their financial sponsorship.

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