Belt Rush

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In this game, some packages are coming from a conveyor belt, and you need to put them on appropriate belts (match by **COLOR**). Try not to make wrong matches (also if you don’t make a decision in time the package will be dropped into the trash bin) and get fired by the boss. A correct match gives you one score.


How To Play

Click the target belt on the left to put the incoming package.



Entry for 2023 Ludum Dare 53 Jam, also my first time to join Ludum Dare. The jam theme was Deliver, and our team discussed over and over before making the decision to make a simple package sorting mini-game. Because of the simple control method, it is easy to achieve cross-platform (currently only iOS is not available). The game ended up with an overall rating of 3.989 and a ranking of 186 (see Ludum Dare page). In addition to the team members listed, I would also like to thank 汪一二中 and 枕流 for their help in game design.

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