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There is such a group of cute and weird creatures, they live in the dark underground, and need electricity to live. You are a little monster who can safely touch the circuit to conduct electricity! Use your ability to play underground electrician, bring them light and become friends with them!


How To Play

By swinging your body and controlling the grasping of both hands, you will be able to deliver electricity to all corners of the underground world via various cables. Objective of the game: supply power to 3 NPCs living in different areas!



Entry for 2023 CiGA Game Jam Shenzhen Nanshan Station by UMa Team. The theme was Touch. After discussion (until the next morning) we made decisions on the game mechanics. Discarded ideas included: 1. Slime ACT, when on different terrains you get different effects. 2. Multiplayer PONG, where the ball can stick to other balls. The finished product shows a good effect, while there are some flaws: the bug of hand going through the cable, level complexity and other factors lead to greater difficulty.

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