Coin Era


From ancient times to modern times, human society has slowly evolved. Money has witnessed the productivity that drives society. In 1P vs. 2P mode, players need to improve their economic factors within 5 minutes to make their own era evolve, and at the end of time, the different evolutionary states of both players may bring different game endings.


How To Play

According to the key prompt, both players can move, jump, pick up gold coins, store gold coins and throw gold coins. During the game, depending on the era the player is in, different kinds of coins will fall from the sky, you need to seize the opportunity to receive the coins, if you miss and get hit by the coins, you will lose your life. After your life goes down to zero, you will regress back to the previous era and lose half of your wealth, while your opponent's wealth will be doubled.

After receiving the coins, players can choose to store the coins to increase their wealth, or try to attack or help another player by throwing the coins in their hands. As soon as the wealth reaches a certain threshold, you can move on to the next era. At the end of the game, there will be different endings depending on the era both players are in.



This is my first entry from a game jam (Chongqing College Joint GameJam in early 2022). Our team was named Dubhe Team. The theme of the jam is Treasure. After discussion, our team decided to make a game of picking up coins & throwing them, and further gave it some connotations about human social development.

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